Saturday, July 19, 2014

Topic: Director Of Google Sites (Volunteer Position):

Director Of Google Sites (Volunteer Position):

This position will require you to moderate any of our Google+ sites.

You must be familiar with Google+ Groups, Google Pages and how to get around Google+.

You must be able to work with, and take direction from the President, CEO, and Vice President.

*Remove/delete any comments that are not appropriate.

*Answer any questions that members have. (If you are unsure or unable to answer member questions, you will need to forward the question to Dr. Patty-President, Dennis Verdugo-CEO, or Karla Rabel-Vice President).

*Remove and ban a members that are not following the rules, and add them to the “Banned List” on the Staff Site. A member will get one (1) warning, and you will write the warning letter to the member.

*Remove any advertising posts that are made by members on the Google+ Cipay Group and Fan Pages. (Advertising for anything is NOT allowed by members). Only staff is allowed to advertise on the site.

*Post articles on the Google+ Feed, Google Pages and our Google Group only after they are posted on the Main Site. (Depending upon the content of the article, will depend upon which site you post it in on our websites).

*Check in with the President, CEO, or Vice President at least once a week, (or more often if the Director feels necessary), with updates, by email or phone calls.

*Be able to communicate well with Dr. Patty, the CEO, and Karla Rabel, and give recommendations that you think will help the site.

*Teaching will be given by Dr. Patty-President or Karla Rabel-Vice President.

The work time for this position will be approximately 2-3 hours per week.

We understand that you have chronic and/or Intractable pain and may not be able to work these hours straight through, so you can break your weekly time up as you need to. We understand that your health comes first, so please take frequent breaks and don’t push yourself to the point of extreme fatigue and make yourself sick. If you need help, please don’t be afraid to ask.

All of our positions have the ability for the volunteer to move up to a higher position in our website.