Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Topic: Director of Chat Services (Volunteer Position)

Director of Chat Services (Volunteer Position)
This position will require you to moderate any of our Chat Services sites.
You must be familiar with Chat Services, and how to get around Chat Services.
You must be able to work with, and take direction from the President, and Vice President.
*“Friend” Dr. Patty, Dennis Verdugo, Karla Rabel and all staff.
*Customize your profile and put up a picture, it can be a tag or a pet or an avatar.
*Know more than the basics of research.
*Must be organized!
*Check in with the President or Vice President at least once a week, (or more often if necessary), with updates, by email or phone calls.
*Be able to communicate well, ask questions, and give recommendations to Dr. Patty and Karla Rabel.
*This position requires you to set up chats and promote them on our site.
*Teaching will be given by Dr. Patty-President or Karla Rabel-Vice President.
The work time for this position will be approximately 4-6 hours per week.
We understand that you have chronic and/or intractable pain and may not be able to work these hours straight through, so you can break your weekly time up as you need to. We understand that your health comes first, so please take frequent breaks and don’t push yourself to the point of extreme fatigue and make yourself sick. If you need help, please don’t be afraid to ask.
All of our positions have the ability for the volunteer to move up to a higher position in our website.