Thursday, August 14, 2014

Topic: Group Leader (Volunteer Position)

Group Leader (Volunteer Position)
The Group leader is a position for those who are unable
to fulfill the basic responsibilities of staff-in-training but still want to
help. This position reports directly to the COO, CEO and to Dr. Patty.
The basic responsibilities of a Group Leader are:
• “Friend” Dr. Patty and all staff
• Customize your profile and put up a picture, it can be
a tag or a pet or an avatar.
Check your private email daily as notifications and
private messages are sometimes routed through general email (A CIPAY mailbox
will be given to you for CIPAY business only).
•Check your CIPAY inbox daily for messages. We request
that you respond to member’s comments and questions within 24 hours (at the
most, 48 hours). If you are unable to answer the question, please ask another
staff member to help.
Please make sure that you have read the petition and have
signed it.
•You may choose the group that you wish to lead. It is
your responsibility to monitor these groups for inappropriate actions, comments
and questions.
•You will post one article a week to each of your groups.
Your staff mentor will help you to learn how to complete the needed research
and show you how to accurately post it to the group.

•Other duties as assigned