Saturday, March 29, 2014

Topic: Adhesion Pain

Doctors: Bound by Secrecy? Victims: Bound by Pain! is the inspirational, true story of a mother and daughter's 14-year journey for a cure to an agonizing and often misdiagnosed, debilitating disease known as adhesions. Melissa Steward was like any other happy, bubbly teen before illness struck at the age of 13. Doctors gave a diagnosis of Crohn's disease and prescribed corticosteroids as treatment. However, the powerful drugs proved futile against the constant pain, nausea and vomiting that tortured the teen day after day. Believing her daughter had been misdiagnosed, Karen set out on her never-ending quest for an answer. Karen relates the riveting tale of their desperate cry for help and ultimate triumphant journey transversing the globe. Along the way, she provides a glimpse into the inner sanctum and frustrating maze of modern medicine.

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