Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Topic: Neurostimulation Can Be Used Safely

Neurostimulation Can
Be Used Safely

In general, neuro stimulation
is safe and has been used to treat pain for more than 30 years; however, there
are some common safety concerns associated with surgery and neuro stimulation.
Only you and your health care provider can determine if the benefits of the
procedure outweigh the potential risks.
Surgery Safety Concerns
Safety concerns
related to any surgical procedure include pain, bleeding or infection at the
surgical site and risks associated with anesthesia. All types of anesthesia
have some risks but major complications or side effects are rare. Risks also
depend on your general health status before the procedure and what type of
anesthesia you receive (local, regional or general).
Monitored anesthesia
care typically is used during a procedure to implant a neuro stimulator.
Monitored anesthesia care (MAC) involves using local anesthesia with sedation
and pain control. During MAC, your pain and any anxiety you may feel about
surgery will be controlled through medications. You may be able to answer
questions or you may be too drowsy. The lower doses of anesthetic used during
MAC often means less nausea. Depending on the amount of anesthetic and sedation
used, you may have a risk of lowered blood pressure and changes in breathing.
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