Sunday, May 24, 2015

Topic: Practicing Good Sleep Hygiene

Practicing Good Sleep Hygiene

There are a wide variety of different techniques and sleep aids that promote a normal, high quality night's sleep leading to full alertness and energy during the day. Just as one might practice good dental hygiene to keep teeth and gums in good shape, "sleep hygiene" is designed to keep sleep healthy and restore energy for the following day's activities.

Sleep hygiene involves engaging in a number of practices and behaviors that improve sleep. As chronic pain develops, it is not uncommon for patients to develop bad habits relative to sleep hygiene without even realizing it. An example of poor sleep hygiene habits includes such things as varying the time that one goes to bed and awakens in the morning, taking naps during the day, engaging in stressful activities such as paying bills while laying in bed, staying in bed most of the day, among other things. Good sleep hygiene habits include the following:

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